Do You Prefer Apple or Android?


Apple and Android are the most popular and effective mobile OS options. Each of them offers unique characteristics to its users. I prefer Andoird over Apple because of many reasons. The post doesn't emphasize the demerits and merits, It only highlights the fact that Android is most popular among people and stand-out amongst its competitors. 

Preferences of Android:

Android proves to offers a user-friendly user interface than that of its competitors. It lets the user complete freedom that if they do not like the mobile, they can easily change it. If you want to change the home screen, then you can easily change the home screen with appealing anf suitable components. 

It also gives you more access to the storage with the help of a file manager. With other features like expandable battery, gesture recognition, multiwindow and manual camera mode are available on Android.

Android usually comes up in different colors, shapes, and sizes. These mobile phones offer unique shapes that make them more elegant, easier to handle and attractive. It gives you perfect shape and completes elegantly.

Android allows users to download the "APK files from any 3rd party source and then install it. It gives you the opportunity to run all programs and apps easily and quickly. The feature also available on Apple devices but users need to jailbreak their mobile phone. 

Android developers usually pay 25-dollar while purchasing apps they like. On the other hand, Apple charges annually $99 from users. It is one of the financial barriers that are not too hard in Andoird. It helps the developer to create more apps without any financial pressure. 

What Should You choose?

  • If you want more rever per user than iOs is the perfect choice
  • If you want the apps so that you can easily reach to your audience then android is best
  • If you have more regular personal computers and do not want to ensure some additional investment in the hardware, then android is best
  • IF you prefer the less complicated development procedure the iOS is perfect.
  • If you want perfect integration with social media, iOS is the perfect option
  • If you wish to have an app with perfect user experience, then IOS is perfect.
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