Warren Buffet is prospectively the best investor in history. For many years, he is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, also known as “the Oracle of Omaha” that has displayed his capability to understand Wall Street. He owns around $82 billion now, in accordance with Forbes, he has become one of the richest persons in the whole world. Apart from his investing courage, he has also made some mistakes in the past. But the difference between him and other professionals is that he has not blamed anyone else for his failures but himself and that is the reason for his success. The mistakes he made in the past are: 1. he invested in the year 1962 in Berkshire Hathaway even though the company was failing but he thought that he is going to earn some revenue once the mills will be closed, therefore, he loaded the stock. 2. He failed the first time, but he repeated his mistake around 13 years later he bought Waumbec Mills, for which he regretted later. 3. In the year 1994, he bought Dexter Shoe Co. in $433 million but in 2007, he agreed that it was the worst decision, which cost him around $3.5 billion. 4. According to him, the mistakes he has done are only about buying or investing but also not investing in something and that is he refused to buy the Dallas-Fort whose worth is $35 million in the present time. 5. He moreover, stated that he spent more than $7 billion on ConocoPhillips’ 85 million shares; however, the market value of that was only around $4.4 billion at that time. 6. Another mistake he made is not buying the stock of Amazon and he says that he has missed this huge deal and he regrets it. 7. Finally, the thing he is most regretful of is missing the chance to invest in Google.


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