Apple Inc. needs no huge introduction. It is one of the most innovative and revolutionary cooperation ever. On 1st April 1976, Apple was founded by Steve Jobs. Here in this Query, we give you an amazing story of Apple Inc. I also tell you about the question "Who is the founder of APPLE Company?". So let get started: History: The history of Apple is so interesting just like a fairytale. Apple Inc. was started in the garage by the 3-friends that had a big dream to become famous and offers a revolutionary change to the world. The history of Apple company started from a strong friendship of two steves. One was the world most famous person "Steve Jobs" and other was "Steve Wozniak" Many people forget that during Inventing of Apple, Inc. third-person was also involved. The major contribution of Apple Inc. goes to "Steves. Steve Jobs and Wozniak also worked on the building of "Blue Boxes" that was technology made for long-distance instant and free calls. Woz and Jobs both belonged to the "Homebrew Computer Club" a group of computer hobbyist. Woz. Woz built the first innovative and modern-day computer which had typewriter just like keyboard and output just like a TV screen. From this innovation, Steve Job inspire from woz. Both working togther and started "Apple Computer Inc." one 1st April 1976. According to Steve Jobs Follow your emotions and believe in what you are and what you can do. Always believe that you can do a great job. :)
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