Taj group hotels are a succession of luxurious hotels along with a subordinate company regarding India Hotels Company Limited. The headquarters of the Taj group hotel is at Express Towers, near Nariman Point, Mumbai. The founder and owner of the Taj group hotels is a creator of the Tata Group is respectable Jamsetji Tata, started in the year 1903. Currently, the corporation of the Taj hotels is shared by the Tata Group, which is considered as India’s one of the largest commerce conjunction. Jamsetji Nusserwanji Tata was born on 3rd March 1839 and belonged to a family of Parsi Zoroastrian, in the city Navsari of Gujarat, which was previously a part of the Baroda, a princely state. Though his family was respectable, they were poor; therefore, Tata became the foremost industrialist in his family for which he even escaped the customs and started a business of his own. He first began a trading corporation in the city of Mumbai, which let him start the chain of the Taj Hotels. Jamsetji Tata was not only an entrepreneur who assisted India to take a position in the listing of the developed nations, but he was a nationalist and a humanitarian, whose paradigms and perceptions formed an amazing corporation agglomerate. Jamsetji was a businessman with leadership and visionary qualities and owned a spirit of enterprising experiences and awareness that could not have been looked at prior or till today in local colonial India. The patriot inside Tata made him believe steadfastly that the success he will get in his business will be useful and helpful in enriching his beloved country. These factors themselves, are sufficient to declare him as an exemplary personality of India. However, there are some other characteristics that also made him purely distinct, but the most alluring one is his humanity, which made his position in the hall of fame of India’s eminent sons in the modern-day. For the reason that Jamsetji Tata was a humanitarian and had a heart of gold filled with generosity and compassion for all the fellow citizens; his efforts in the past taking initiatives in the field of social-development, can be found straightly in modern India, and that was the philosophy behind the businesses of Tata.

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