Ans: Amazon Founder named "Jeff Bezos" has been the world richest person with an estimated of $156 billion according to Forbes. He founded Amazon Inc. in 1994 in Seattle out of his garage. He remained the CEO and own about 16% stake. He is the first person who accumulates a fortune of over $100 billion. The wealth of Bezos is so massive that he spend his fortune for the betterment of goodness of humanity. Amazon is the world largest brand that almost covers every aspect of life. He also owns 5.34 acre home in Medina. Washington which valued at $25 million. The owner of Amazon also made huge acquisitions and investments in Venture Capital firm. He was kind-hearted and has the plan to use all of his wealth for the find space exploration. He believes that it is the most important task to use his wealth for mankind. He hopes to increase human efficiency and production. He also helps avoid civilization stasis. Jeff Bezos is one of the four people who got the title of World riches persons in the prior two decades like Warren Buffett, Carlos Slim Helu, and Bill Gates. Amazon stake stands the best worth just above Bill Gates. The net worth of Bill Gate is $95.5 billion. Bill Gate was considered number one Billionaire from 2001-2017. If Gates didn't give a wealth of about $35.8 billion to the foundation, then he could be the number one billionaire for the latest the year 2019.
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