Cats are quick to react to anything in which they feel is a threat. You could suddenly move and although your cat trusts you with their life they could jump clear out of the chair they're comfortably resting in. In the wild, cats are predators but they are also prey. It's hardwired into their DNA to be quick to react. And those cat reflexes are quite impressive. For years now, people have seemed to grow a strange fascination with cats and cucumbers. Not all cats are afraid of cucumbers, but there are some cats that are so afraid of cucumbers the sight of one will quickly send them flying.

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Cat afraid of Cucumber because of their natural reaction. Cats are usually alert and sharp animal and always keeps aware of situation and protection. Funny videos of cats who are afraid of cucumbers are viral day by day. There are many reasons why cucumber frightens cats and why it is necessary to not try it with your cats. 


The video that shows starring cats afraid of cucumbers is widely spread all over the internet. We are here to answer the question that why are cats frightened of cucumber?

a) It reminds cats of snakes:

Many experts agree that cats have the ability genetically to avoid snakes. Cucumber looks like a snake so they might afraid of it. Cats don't like snakes. 

b) The sudden appearance of cucumber:

The sudden appearance of a green veg is another reason that scares your cat. It is just similar to starling somebody by sneaking-up behind. Cats may confuse to see the strange thing and will quickly get out of that place as earlier as possible.


Trying to scare your cat with the cucumber is not only wrong but also quite cruel thing. Scaring pets like tricking some deadly predators can cause them severe injury. Startled cats can injure themselves if they have hit with someone and may suffer from mental disturbance. It may also cause long-term stress. Save your cucumbers for the salad and keep them away from the food dish of your cats. So, stay alert and safe cats from cucumber fear. 



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Cats are afraid when they see cucumbers because it is completely their normal resistance to everything that comes to them with no sound. Cats are highly alert; therefore they get scared of something they don’t know since it can display the danger of a hunter, and when it comes to cucumber, it means a snake. Cats are active and clever beings, and they tend to be protective always and have the best understanding of the situations. Therefore, anything that comes suddenly to a cat can prospectively frighten them. If you know a cat getting afraid of green cucumbers, you must have seen that people intentionally put the cucumbers behind the cats whilst they eat the meal they love with their heads down in the food bowls. Cats eat once they get sure that there is no danger in front of the area they are in; conclusively, cats related their food areas as wholly safe and sound. Therefore, once a cat sees the cucumber is on the ground behind them, they freak out because they don’t assume a cucumber to be there. Cats may never usually see the cucumbers on the ground, then the absolute originality of this thing makes them freak out. One other reason why cats are afraid of cucumbers is for the reason that they may relate the cucumbers to snakes that are highly dangerous hunters, which can eat or even attach cats. Therefore, cucumbers may be seem like snakes to cats because of their green and a long outer look which this vegetable seems like. If you think to try a cat to scare like that, it is not actually wrong but cruel. If you have a cat and you don’t want that to get scared of cucumbers, make it friends first with the cucumber and make sure to do it carefully.

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