Yes, we all have seen New Yorkers with Umbrellas personally or in pictures; however, you must have wondered why do they carry an umbrella even when it’s not raining and it isn’t essential as well. But here are a few assumptions, we have: 1. New York rain might be toxic New Yorkers may have this proposition that the rains are toxic for health or skin. They might be afraid that if their skin comes in direct contact with the rain, it can be damaged. Or if the rains pour on them, they will not be able to escape from the toxins it causes. 2. New Yorkers might find this a statement of style For some or many persons in New York, it might be a fashion or vogue statement for the people to take umbrellas with them wherever they go. Of course, umbrellas do add a touch of luxuriousness and modishness to the style statement, which may be the cause that New Yorkers take it with them. 3. They may not be sure if it is going to rain or not Another reason can be that New Yorkers may not have an idea when it is going to rain and that may cause trouble for them. For example: if they are going to the office in the morning and it starts to rain, how will they cover themselves. If not covered, they will get wet and their clothes might also get dirty. So as to avoid this unfortunate situation, they carry an umbrella. 4. New Yorkers may be afraid of hot temperature It is true that umbrellas are not only used to cover oneself from rain but it also helps in providing shelter and coolness in high and hot temperatures. Therefore, New Yorkers might carry umbrellas to stay away from getting hot in the warm seasons. 5. Because everyone does that they have to do it too New Yorkers might think since everyone carries their umbrella with them, why don’t I carry it. We sometimes do things some other person does only to follow the trend, so we don’t stay behind. Therefore, this can also be one of the reasons that New Yorkers carry umbrellas with them when it is barely raining.
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